Clients and Testimonials

I have worked with a range of clients, including in the cultural, charitable and education sectors and with senior freelance consultants.

Here are some of my recent testimonials:

“I have found my coaching sessions with Kim hugely helpful and effective. These interactions have changed how I lead my team and how I manage my workload. At the start of our time working together, I had felt overwhelmed. Kim helped me organise my thoughts so that at the end of each session my brain felt more ordered and challenges felt achievable.

Kim is a staggering good listener. She can distil the key issues from a range of ideas, and draws on discussions from previous sessions (which I had since forgotten!) and relate these back to the bigger picture.Kim asks brilliant and insightful questions, which really get to the heart of the issue and make you think about something in a new way.

At the end of each session I came away with a number of achievable action points.Kim draws on her experience as a senior leader in a large organisation as well as leadership theory. She knows when to ask questions and when to suggest helpful tools or further reading. In the middle of a session, we undertook a short, focused exercise which enabled me to think about the issue in a new way. Working with Kim has not only improved my work life, but also my home life and, particularly, the balance between the two.”

Senior Cultural Leader, Manchester

“Kim’s passion is developing individuals and teams. She built a great team at the Science and Industry Museum and has honed her coaching skills working with colleagues across the Science Museum Group. She is 100% committed to helping people achieve their best.”

Sally Macdonald, Director, Science and Industry Museum, Manchester

“I am delighted to provide a testimonial and recommendation for Kim. Kim was a great participant on our ILM Level 7 programme and is a coach who combines deep understanding of the coaching process with high level skills in Leadership Coaching. She is an associate of Lois Burton Ltd and I have great confidence and trust in her coaching. She brings all of her passion and energy to her coaching and I am very happy to recommend her”

Lois Burton, Leadership and Executive Coach, Accredited ILM Coach Trainer