Brilliant Transitions

Brilliant Transitions Coaching 

Are you going through a time of major change and transition in your career and/or life? Do you want be able to navigate it well so you can let go of what no longer serves you, manage the confusion with ease and find new energy and inspiration in the future?

My  Brilliant Transitions coaching programme will support you through this process and help you rediscover your confidence, purpose and joy.



1-1 Brilliant Transitions Coaching

My 1-1 Brilliant Transitions coaching programme helps clients navigate personal or professional change and transition and build new confidence, meaning and inspiration in their careers and wider lives. I have helped clients leave jobs or careers that no longer serve them and find delight in a new professional path, to create a better work-life balance for themselves and their families, to rediscover their confidence, creativity or sense of adventure. My job is to help my clients to feel more in control and empowered, and to work with them so they move from a place where they feel stuck, confused, unhappy or helpless to feeling clearer, happier, more confident, more authentic and more able to fulfil their potential.

My Brilliant Transitions  coaching programme consists of six 75 minute coaching sessions (in person or on zoom) over 4-6 months. The price of this programme is £1200. Payment plans of up to six months can be arranged on request, so it can cost as little as £200 per month to transform your life and work for the better.

Invest in yourself and live the life you were born to lead.

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